The strength of jewellery

First of all, a jewel is decorative, it beautifies us and it also puts our outfits forward. We will not hide it, we all like to look beautiful and beautiful when we go out! So that’s the first reason why we wear jewelry, decorate ourselves, sublimate ourselves and feel good.

In addition to being decorative accessories, jewellery is also worn for many other causes. In the past, jewellery could mean and symbolize many things to the people who wore it and their meaning differed according to times and cultures.

They were worn for example to symbolize an identity, belonging to a group, a distinct people or as a sign of wealth. It is not without reason that the kings and queens of the time were covered with beautiful jewels as well as beautiful gold and diamond adornments.

Some civilizations also wore jewellery to bring positive energies to their bodies and minds or believed, for example, in the magical powers of a talisman capable of protecting them from curses.

Like it or not, even today the jewels we choose to wear still speak volumes about our personality and our identity!

The strength of jewellery

For a woman, wearing jewellery highlights her femininity, beauty, elegance and also brings her a desirable side for the opposite sex. It is the way to exteriorize a little its personality and its tastes without top.

They are a way of conveying a message and revealing some traits about us. Whether through a pretty silver ring inlaid with stones, beautiful wooden or steel earrings, a fancy pendant, an elegant colored leather bracelet or an original wooden watch, the jewel will always tell a lot about who we are.

The strength of the jewels is that they serve as decoration but that they also have a utilitarian side very appreciate. For example, earrings make it possible to bring out a face and a necklace emphasizes a pretty neckline. We are lucky to be able to use all these little accessories to showcase ourselves. Don’t you think so?

Moving on to men, why do you, gentlemen, like to wear jewellery? On a man, a piece of jewellery allows you to accessorize an outfit, make it elegant or simply create your own style. For example, a braided or smooth leather bracelet gives a certain manhood while allowing to bring the final touch that makes all the difference. Currently very fashionable, wooden watches are also very appreciated by the male gente for their hipster and very masculine effect. They go well with all the dress codes, including the casual, sporty look and even the suit and tie for a look that is always at the top!

The benefits of jewellery

Let us now turn to the last but not least point, the energetic and meaningful jewels.

Energy and symbolism jewellery are currently very trendy and fashionable. They are greatly appreciated for the positive effects they bring to our body and mind.

It’s true that these days, we’re running around like crazy all the time and our way of life is very stressful between work, busy kids and small daily tasks, we don’t have much time to take care of ourselves and relax.

This is why many people decide to buy an energizing jewel to get positive waves that will give them well-being and energy throughout the day.

In this range of jewels, we find the jewels trees of life, flowers of life, angels, Buddha leaves, lotus flower, wings of angels, feathers, mandala, unicorns, etc.

Each of its jewels has its own energy and provides different benefits.

For example, the flower of life jewel reinvigorates, harmonizes, protects and vitalizes the body and mind of the wearer.

The tree of life jewels them, are lucky charms and also have a strong symbolism. They represent strength, wisdom, protection and our origins. Carried on oneself, they harmonize and vitalize body and spirit.

Lucky jewelry

There are many other lucky jewelry such as feathers that are symbol of freedom, the Buddha leaves that symbolize the connection to his spiritual guides, the lotus flowers that represent the purity of the body, of speech and spirit and mandalas that are protective jewels.


Spiritual jewelry

Among all these jewels, the angels and the wings of angels also have a strong symbolic and are highly appreciated. People who need strength, courage and hope offer themselves these jewels as they help to connect with our spiritual guides who are there to help us find the way and support us in all stages of our life.

Each angel has a specific symbolism and its own benefits. All his angels include the angel of strength, the angel of love, the angel of hope, the angel of peace, the angel of wealth, the angel of healing, the angel of self-discovery and the angel of happiness.

In the online shop Bjewellery, you will find all these jewels with strong symbolic and beautiful accessories in various forms such as necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings. It is jewelry are mainly silver, fancy, wood and leather.

Jewellery is not just about identity!

Jewellery, precious or fancy, speaks of us as visible signs of belonging to a religious, ethnic, professional, political or sexual group. Messengers of love, symbols of seduction or submission, objects of superstition… They say in their own way our social identity, if we’re married, if we inherited, if we have a child— But beyond the conscious messages they deliver, jewellery is part of our history and can reveal our unconscious personality. Discreet or ostentatious, they express our tastes and our relationship to femininity, testify to our family or love history. Deciphering a complex, meaningful relationship.


Jewellery does not lie,” says Catherine, a lifelong and now creative enthusiast, while brandishing a forceful bracelet she designed from a silver timpani she received in her childhood. Since women have moved from the status of “those who receive” to the more complex status of “those who offer and purchase a piece of jewellery”, the latter symbolizes what we choose to show ourselves, its degree of emancipation or, quite simply, the mood of the moment.


Freedom from social codes has freed up the jewel as much as the one who wears them. The alliance is no longer reserved for married people, the pearl necklace is no longer the prerogative of the bourgeois, the baptismal medal no longer necessarily says baptism.


A few years ago, an American advertising campaign – “Right hand ring” – even encouraged women to wear “a diamond in their right hand” as a sign of emotional and financial independence. To break a look that she finds too classic and agreed, Laurence chose to wear her gems with jeans and sneakers: «It’s more rock’n’roll, closer to my personality.»


“We are no longer addicted, but confident about who we are,” says a psychoanalyst. Our personality is multiple, and the jewel expresses its different facets, as soon as one is in agreement with oneself. Isabelle, who hates anything ostentatious, never wears gold: “It symbolizes a wealth that I don’t want to display.” She prefers the silver click of a Berber necklace, which better corresponds to what it is and which allows her to rediscover every day a breath of freedom from elsewhere.


Jewellery is not just about identity. Earrings will illuminate a face, brooch or necklace will enhance a neckline, bracelet or shiny ring will induce sensual gestures. “These adornments are designed to enhance femininity, highlight the body, enhance the skin,” says Catherine.


In some families, giving a girl a string of pearls for her 18th birthday is a ritual of passage that means she is a woman. “Whether she likes it or not, when a woman receives a jewel, it is always her femininity that is implicitly valued,” notes psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Vannina Micheli-Rechtman.